#OffTheDome ep 2 (english)

sofía shazuko - chichiriviche


[00:00:00] I grew up in Tijuana. When I say the word home, that's the place I'm referring to. But when I think of home, it's more a feeling than a physical space. I go back to being a teenager in the mid two thousands before I started attending school in the us. And I was only part-time American. I think about the people of the city, the lady selling fresh orange juice at the intersection most mornings near my house, the guy selling coffee and oatmeal, two blocks down. The taco spot. My mom would take us to. Our taco spot. Shout out al Perico. I remember the whole world talking about us "Tijuana named most dangerous city on the planet" on the news. Headlines on local newspapers saying "eight" or "10" or "12 found dead this morning". Most mornings. 

[00:01:11] I remember hanging out with my brothers on the block by the light post. The sound of the ocean, always nearby, even if invisible. The sounds of 2 million people doing something. That's home to me. That space in that time with those people. I live in the San Francisco bay area today. Close enough to Tijuana that I could visit often, but far enough that actually I can't. 

[00:01:42] The song I'm bringing you today is by Sofia Shizuko of La Victoria. Located located between Maracay and Caracas. Her very first post on Instagram is a screenshot off a YouTube page for this song when it premiered. In the caption, she explained she wrote it because she was very sad missing home and the life she had before leaving to Spain. She said, "family, friends, and the warmth of our homes are things that when looking back at them, we need to remember them in a good light. And after all, none of us are alone because we're all together in the struggle." Even if you never had to leave your city, your state, your country, like a lot of us, you can find yourself missing home. A lot has changed in the last few years. Things that were, aren't. 

[00:02:27] I'll leave you with the four lines of the song that cemented it on my mind forever.

[00:02:33] "Un año y medio sin pisar mi casa y de poco a poco el vaso se rebasa. No se cuanto aguantaré sin volver a ver a mis amigos a mi madre, a mi perro y al compadre."

[00:02:47] A year and a half without stepping home and little by little, the cup overflows. I don't know how much longer I will last without seeing again, my friends and my mother, my dog, and the homie.

 [00:02:58] I'm Chekos. This is Lo Que Ando Oyendo and this is Sofia Shizuko with Chichiriviche.